High-Conflict Co-Parents Love Starting Holiday Drama. This Year, Please, Don’t Let Them.

Thanks to COVID-19, co-parenting with high-conflict people has been a doubly stressful hellscape. Here’s how to prevent your difficult co-parent from making Christmas 2020 worse.

Co-parenting (or parallel) with high-conflict people is traumatic. The challenge is to identify the behavior cycles, conscientiously observe if it’s likely from a healthy or unhealthy place, and then implement conflict-mitigation strategies to protect your time and energy.

John had no obligation to respond to this message.

Caroline won a game John never wanted to play. And John let it happen.

Are you co-parenting (or parallel parenting) with a high-conflict joy thief? A time bandit with a difficult personality? You are most definitely not alone. Join our community to learn communication strategies that put our kids, not conflict, first.


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