Charm Offensive: Army Vet Prof Andrew Fyfe on the Iraq War Failures and Legacy

Professor Andrew Fyfe, an Iraq War veteran, Bronze Star recipient, and doctoral candidate discuss foreign policy, Iraq intervention, and the philosophical and moral questions surrounding the Iraq War from a veteran’s perspective. Will the Iraqi three-state solution unfold? Will the Kurds hold the north?

How do Fallujah veterans feel about the city falling to insurgents after so much bloodshed? Is Obama any better than Bush? Does the Iraq war pass the Just War Theory litmus test? If not, how should anti-war activists treat veterans of the Iraq war when they believe their sacrifices are unworthy of respect? Prof. Fyfe responds.




Co-Founder @AMMAHealing, Partner @Decentranet, Co-Founder @D10e, communicator, writer, ENTJ. Free speech ❤ #blockchain #bitcoin #crypto #liberty #hempheals

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Tiffany Madison

Tiffany Madison

Co-Founder @AMMAHealing, Partner @Decentranet, Co-Founder @D10e, communicator, writer, ENTJ. Free speech ❤ #blockchain #bitcoin #crypto #liberty #hempheals

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